Saturday, August 30, 2014

Festival de Garcia

The true highlight of our Barcelona trip had to be the Festival de Garcia which we stumbled across in the district of Garcia! So exhilarating! People in the street partying and being creative..amazing

Gaudi and Miro in Barcelona

The main reason we spent 4 days in Barcelona was to immerse ourselves in the unique art world the city has to offer.

4 days in Barcelona

An amazing little trip was taking to Barcelona, Spain in August. It seemed stupid not to take a trip across to this cosmopolitan city as its practically on our doorsteps in the UK. Yet again it was a travel destination that I don't regret visiting and would love to go back and live.

Cool hotel interior!!!

Working out whereabouts we were going in the city

cool shop off Las Ramblas


Future apartment :)

Museum of modern Art Barcelona

Holiday'ing in Vassiliki Greece

A best friend from school moved to Greece to become a windsurfing instructor/ live the beach dream. So a friend and I travelled out to visit and pretend we were living the dream for a week too! It was incredible and I can't wait to go back and visit.

Our view as we landed

The harbour view on arrival into Kefalonia

AMAZING day waterskiing