Monday, January 13, 2014

Highlights of London Collections: Mens 2014

There were some amazing collections last week at LC:M, but I've narrowed it down to my favourite 3.. be it unusual collections or just truly inspiring. I find this hard as menswear is such an amazingly diverse area and could spend all day looking at the runways. Heres goes...

(See Agi and Sam collection on


The Fall/Winter Agi & Sam collection at LC:M this week, is an interesting one.The usual playful nature of these duo of designers seems to have switched to a more serious statement. With the use of logos of African oil conglomerates, the designer seemed to be emphasising the clash between the poverty of Africa and western culture. As well as the clothing choices, the brand enlisted a live tribal drum band to open the show. The sounds served as a fitting accompaniment to a collection in which the designers sought to combine Masai territory culture with contemporary British menswear.


The new Burberry Prorsum Mens Fall/Winter collection was showcased this week at LC:M, at none other than Kensington Gardens,London, and as a true Brit I can say this is the mother of catwalk locations. The show continued the welcome softness of the Spring/Summer collection that’s just being delivered to stores. Head Designer Christopher Bailey has epitomised the use of a city as inspiration, with designs printed with landmark places from the British capital such as the Westminster skyline as well as St Paul's cathedral.
There is strong focus on fabric aesthetics as well as design details, reminding us why Burberry is holding the top spot in traditional British design. Keen to capitalise on increasing menswear sales, Burberry has brought to us an innovative version of the "man bag". Strong accessories alongside one of the strongest collections at LC:M, have kept Burberry at the top spot this Fall/Winter.


If you, like me, thought that there might have been a shift in the style , or to be honest any kind of un-welcomed change since JW Anderson were bought by LVMH, then you were wrong.The Fall/Winter collection was fitting with the unique style of the brand, the prints were vibrant, silhouettes groundbreaking and the male model were wearing heels! Quite literally, this collection is reaching new heights for menswear.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014. The Year.

I have an ever such a good tingly feeling about 2014, maybe because Im graduating in July, or maybe because with the new addition of my shiny NZ passport, the world truly is my oyster! Now, just get me an American man to marry...and Ill stop...maybe.

Ps. Check out my latest article on Trendland, so much photographical love for Bernd Westphal